PVL Summer 2015 Schedule

Week 1
Court 1
7:00pm Team L.E.S vs. How I Set Your Mother (Pass Holes)
7:45pm Set Me Senpai vs. Pass Holes (Hit Happens)
8:30pm TBA vs. Work In Progress (Tabachoy)
9:15pm Utot Warriors vs. Tabachoy (Rejected WuTang Members)
Court 2
7:00pm Hit Happens vs. WYSIWYG (Pipelayers)
7:45pm Skittles vs. TBA (Work In Progress)
8:30pm Skittles vs. Rejected WuTang Members (Count to Ten)
9:15pm Count to Ten vs. Pipelayers (TBA)

Congratulations to Showtime! 2014 PVL A Division Champs


Pipelayers - PVL B Division Champs